Employees are a company's most important asset. Yet, the hiring process is a time consuming and often expensive fragmented system consisting of various team members screening, emailing, calling, preparing spreadsheets and printing resumes. But the hard work and money spent often does not lead to the best results.
Collectively the Team at Hiring Steps has started a number of companies and hired a lot of people.
We started Hiring Steps to make the hiring process simpler and more effective for you.

  • Danny Ing

    As co-founder Danny leads the development of software at Hiring Steps. He is also the founder of the product incubator Green Sky Ventures. He is a recognized leader in operations and technology. As President of the technology company TCI (acquired by KDDI) he grew revenues to $200 million. Danny earned his BS from Pacific Union College.

  • Bill Farwell

    Frustrated with mis-hires and a broken hiring process Bill became passionate about the possibilities of creating a better solution to match employers with job seekers and in 2012 he co-founded Hiring Steps. Bill's background in Finance started at The Walt Company and extended to CFO roles at multiple start-ups and technology companies. Bill is a CPA and earned his MBA from USC.

  • Brad Feldman

    Brad specializes in leading new ideas to market in the technology and new media space. He is currently founder of Pasadena Labs, a joint venture with Cal Tech. Brad is an expert at cutting through the noise and identifying the value proposition of any business. Brad earned his MBA from Duke University.

  • John Chao

    John is an expert in the SEO industry and has launched multiple e-commerce and Internet marketing companies. John started his career at Bain & Company and has worked in investment banking and private equity. He earned a bachelor's degree from UC Berkeley and an MBA from Harvard.