• Only review the resumes that are actually a fit. Employ screening tools like keyword searches, questionnaires, a star rating and our shortlist button to identify top candidates quickly.

  • Put the best candidate on the top of the list with our proprietary rating system. The days of looking through hundreds of resumes in your inbox are over.

  • Use our interview manager tool to schedule interviews, send automated emails and easily setup tasks and deadlines which are added directly to the calendar and dashboard.


No need to post a job manually to multiple job boards anymore. With Hiring Steps you simply pick the job boards you want us to post to like Monster, Indeed, Simply Hired, Craigslist and others and we do the rest of the work for you.


Our work does not stop at submitting your job to all of the job boards. You can also revise your job details anytime and we'll update the postings for you.


Our mission is to provide our members with great value. Offering preferred rates on job boards is one way we get it done.


No more overflowing inboxes and stacks of resumes. All of your applicant information is in one centralized location including applicant contact information, apply date, resume, ratings and much more. View a summary of all of your applicants on one screen or click through to see more details.


You get a lot of resumes and don't always have the time or patience to read every word. We can help. Take advantage of our feature that highlights the keywords that you want to see in the resume.


Share your thoughts after reviewing a resume or interviewing a candidate by adding a note to their profile page.


The days of looking through hundreds of resumes in your inbox are over. Our automated applicant scoring tool puts the best candidates on top.


We rank the candidates for you but we also provide tools to help you create your own shortlist. Use our shortlist button to move your favorite applicants to the shortlist window. We also provide additional features that help you track your applicants like a user five star rating button, colored flags and an applicant status indicator.


I am sure you have had to schedule phone interviews for 5-10 candidates at one time. As you know, it is very time consuming to create the individual emails and go back and forth with each candidate to figure out a time that works for everyone. Well, we have figured out a way to schedule the 10 interviews for you and put it on your Outlook calendar saving you a ton of time and frustration.


Save time and create the right image for your Company by using the automatic email feature with Hiring Steps. Automatically send emails to candidates to thank them for applying or send an email to the unqualified to minimize the inquiries about the status of the job.


Easily setup tasks and deadlines which are added directly to the calendar and dashboard on Hiring Steps.


No software or hardware required. Access Hiring Steps anywhere there is internet.


We believe you will love our product which is why we do not require you to enter into a long term contract. Enjoy Hiring Steps on a month to month basis. No commitment required.


One of the many benefits of using Hiring Steps is the ease in which you can share information with your entire Team. There is no additional cost to setup an unlimited number of users and the setup is really easy too.