hiringsteps features

Key Features of Hiring Steps

Hiring Steps has evolved over the years to be the only hiring platform you need to make that right next hire. We start from scratch and make sure you have a marketable job description with all the beneficial tools and assessments required to efficiently manage your hiring process and find that right candidate.

Quick and Easy Sign Up Process

No contract required. We offer month-to-month billing with 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Job Description Collaboration & Review

If you need assistance creating or reviewing your job description, we are here to help. Let us review your job description to make sure it has a searchable job title, includes relevant SEO keywords and has a competitive compensation package which will result in greater exposure with our syndicated job board partners.

Premium Job Board Syndication

You no longer need to manage separate accounts with the popular job boards. With Hiring Steps, you simply pick the job boards where you want your job posted and we do the rest of the work for you.

Edit Your Job Posting

If you need to make changes to your job description or change the compensation package, simply edit your job in our platform and we will automatically update your changes with our job board partners

Written Pre-Screening Questions

Add customized pre-screening questions for your applicants to answer when they apply. Need to know if they are able to work weekends, ask a Yes/No question. If you need to know what type of retail sales experience they have, ask a free form question.

Audio Pre-Screening Questions

Use our fully functional IVR to record a message with information about your job and additional questions for your applicants to answer. This unique feature allows you to hear from your applicants.

Application Tracking

No more overflowing inboxes and stacks of resumes. All your applicant information is in one centralized location including applicant contact information, apply date, resume, answers to pre-screening questions, and audio responses. Like an applicant, give them a 5-star rating. Not sure about another applicant, give them a yellow flag indicator.

Resume Viewer

Easily view your resumes with our document viewer which includes a unique feature where keywords that you identified when creating your job are highlighted right on the resume.

Add Notes

Add notes to an applicant's profile after reviewing their resume and pre-screening answers. This allows you to collaborate with other hiring team members and document the strengths and weaknesses of each applicant.


Use our Shortlist to sperate the candidates you want to move forward with and interview.

Interview Scheduling

Schedule multiple interviews in a single step. Once applicants confirm, we create a calendar invite for Outlook, iOS and Google calendars.

Customized Applicant Emails

Customize emails that are automatically sent to applicants, keeping them updated on their application process. Thank them for applying, congratulate them on being invited to an interview or let them know you will not be moving forward with them at this time.

Disc Personality Hiresense

Make sure your candidate is a good fit for your company. Order a DISC personality hiresense right through our platform.

Background Screening Check

Make sure your final candidates meet your company's policy and standards. Run a Fair Credit Reporting Act compliant background check directly from our platform.

Create Your About Us Page

Create a customized About Us page including a video link where your applicants can learn more about your company before they apply.

Career Page Integration

Use our Career Page widget to sync all your active jobs on your website.

Multiple User Access Levels

Create unlimited hiring managers and assign each one a different access level for just their jobs or all jobs company-wide.

Free Premium Customer Support

Need assistance on anything including writing your job description or analyzing the job market to determine how you should position your job, give us a call and it's FREE!